Kitty Kat Stomp video

The Origins of the funny cat video "Kitty Kat Stomp"

The Kitty Kat Stomp Video comes from the same people that bring you CatDVD, the best present you can give yourself and your cat if you are a cat owner. You can probably tell just by the fun design of the site we are a little "wacky", but after you see the funny cat video "Kitty Kat Stomp" you will be absolutely convinced we are completely krazy!

The Kitty Kat Stomp origins are from back in the days when the creators of the cat video CatDVD still lived in the foot hills of Virginia and owned one particularly pesky, wacky and troublesome cat named "Mavis" Mavis wasn't like the other cat's on the farm, he would get into all kinds of mischief particularly how Mavis liked to go into Aunt Sue's sewing bag and run off with her expensive balls of yarn. Mavis would run outside with em, and we could never figure out what he did with the yarn.

We tracked Mavis's Yarn stash down to the back corner of one of the barns, and there he was standing in the pile of yarn shuffling his paws back and forth and then he would do that thing cat's do, called "Making biscuits" where they stomp their front paws back and forth over something, except he'd do it with his back paws and it looked like he was trying to dance. Well after seeing Mavis do this on an almost daily basis we would take our friends out to the barn to watch Mavis' little dance which we soon dubbed "The Kitty Kat Stomp". Soon after one of our friends was over fiddling with a banjo, and it wasn't long till we had the song "The Kitty Kat Stomp!". Then naturally we put the song to a video and the rest is history! So we present you quite possibly the funniest Cat video set to music you have ever seen!

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